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Who wants to wear my skins?

Fact one- people like merch, I mean they really like merch. Fact two- People like to wear brands, writers. and teams related merch that they love. I have flirted with the possibility of Steve E. Asher t-shirts in the past. I am over several Hauntings of related designs that I will be making available for those who want to wear some of the nightmares I write about on their person. Message me here and I can tell you more. Until then, stay creepy.
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The Western Lunatic Asylum

This is the site of the upcoming book Hauntings of the Western Lunatic Asylum or at least is in part. The book spans the beginnings of the ancient location when it was a Tuberculosis ward up the hosspital one can see today. I hope to include some photos that I have as well. I do believe that you the reader will enjoy the strange stories that one will find within these pages.
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