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Angels to the left of me and perhaps devils to the right.

The further I travel down this experiment of life the more I stand amazed. With three books soon to be three released I catch myself and take a second. We all need to stop, focus, and plan our next steps. I will continue to write about weird stuff, sometimes spooky and other times incredible things. The same goes for House of Asher and the handful of other projects I have cooking on the stove. I have started to do conventions and take new steps out into the wide world of media. It is due to you the reader for all
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New dark stories coming in third installment of Hauntings of series.

Readers learned of terrifying inmates spirits, tortured mental patients, and other strange phenomena in books one and two of the Hauntings of series. Now in book three Author, Steve E. Asher brings you compelling tales of a Catholic orphanage in western Kentucky. In this third startling installment, the reader will brave the curse of the black nun, monstrous cryptids at Slack Farms burial mound, and shadows of children long dead and remain foreverlocked into a hell from which they cannot escape. Steve Asher and his paranormal research team the Caldwell County Paranormals did an investigation at the Higgins Learning Center.
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