Wow, where should I begin? Firstly, Steve would want to thank all of you die hard fans who have pushed my first book hauntings of the Kentucky State Penitentiary as well as the Hauntings of the Western Lunatic Asylum ( the later is now available for  preorder ) on friends, family, and anyone else who would listen.

Secoundly, I am appearing on Darkness Radio 10/12/17 9:00pm Central Time.  I was contacted by WPSD TV news Channel 6 about an on air interview very  soon. I have spoke with some friends about doing some conventions and I am humbled by all the attention.

I am lucky to be able to get my writing out to you all and that you want to read my ramblings and spook stories. I will I suppose keep writing so long as I have stories in my head. If I ever get bored I will paint or draw something creepy. Either way I will enjoy the ride.

Stay Creepy, Steve E. Asher